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Thank you for thinking of making contact.

You can contact me by email or by telephone on +44 1372 815 856. I live in Epsom, near London in the United Kingdom. I'll do my best to answer, sometimes do immediately, but normally do within a few days.

If you send your question by e-mail it would help us both if you can spend a moment making it clear how you would like me to respond. Just before you e-mail me using the link below, simply highlight and copy the text underneath the line. Paste it into the bottom of your e-mail and delete all items that do not apply. If you don't do this I will reply anyway.

  • Don't respond and don't keep my e-mail address.

  • Reply to my comment but then don't keep my e-mail address and make no further response.

  • Keep my e-mail address and use it only to:

    • notify me of developments specifically on the matter I have raised;

    • ask for my views on possible research topics;

    • ask for my views on your website;

    • notify me of your new publications of all kinds;

    • inform me of other interesting work you have done;

    • ask me if I would like to participate in surveys;

    • ask me if I would like to participate in other research;

    • suggest how research might be carried out in partnership with my organisation;

    • suggest specific issues you might be able to help us with as a consultant or researcher, and why, with a view to discussing their potential;

    • suggest a meeting or call to exchange ideas.


Why specify how to respond?

The simple answer is peace of mind, for both of us.

First, it means you need never be wary of unwanted salesmanship. Apart from the time it takes you to write to me there is no downside.

Second, it helps me because unless you say I can't be sure what you will be happy with. I don't want to waste your time or mine.

If we continue to keep in contact I will ask you from time to time what you want. This will happen when I am unsure of what is appropriate.

It's common sense really.

For example, if you ask a technical question and specify that I should just answer on the information given and not follow up in any way then that is what will happen (unless you ask differently later). Alternatively, if you think I might be able to help as a consultant you might specify that I should ask questions if that would help me give a better answer, and include suggestions of how I could help.

There are lots of other alternatives and, of course, you can always change your mind and send me revised instructions.

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