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Future conference speeches

Nothing in the diary at the moment.

Past conference speeches

56. "Uncertainty management" at the CRSA Forum on 8 December 2010, in London.

55. "Principles and practices: How ISO 31000 and BS 31100 work together" at BSI's Risk Management conference on 30 November 2010, in London.

54. "How can a board determine the nature and extent of significant risks it is willing to take?" as a morning lecture for the ACCA and IIA on 18 November 2010, in London.

53. "Practicalities of embedding ERM" as a workshop with IIR's Risk Management Congress in London on 21 October 2010.

52. "Practicalities of embedding ERM" as a workshop with IIR's ERM conference in London on 24 June 2010.

51. "Risk" with a focus on 'risk appetite and tolerance' at a workshop for the FT's Non Executive Directors' Club, in London on 10 June 2010.

50. "Creativity and design in risk management" as part of the APM's KnowledgeShare 2010 event in London on 13 May 2009.

49. "'Risk appetite' and plain words" at the CRSA Forum meeting in London on 23 March 2010.

48. "Integration in risk management and internal control" as part of the IIA and ICAEW internal audit lecture series, in London on 30 November 2009.

47. "Practicalities of embedding ERM" as a workshop with IIR's Risk Management summit in London on 2 November 2009.

46. "Risk registers: What's next in the development and use of risk registers" for the IIA's North West District Society event in Manchester on 8 October 2009.

45. "Internal controls: embedding a culture of control within your organization" for IIR's internal control conference in London on 21 September 2009.

44. "What happens when you integrate risk and performance management?" at a joint IRM/APM event on 9 July 2009 in Liverpool.

43. A talk on culture and efficient, focused culture change for Tom Gilb's annual invitation-only event in the week commencing 22 June 2009, in London.

42. "Risk registers: What's next in the development and use of risk registers" at the IIA's South West District Society event in Bristol on 14 May 2009.

41. "Internal audit of risk assessments and models" for BDO Stoy Hayward's event for Heads of Internal Audit in the insurance industry, on 23 April 2009 in London.

40. "Multi-attribute risk prioritisation" for the APM Risk SIG meeting on 22nd January 2009, at Aston.

39. "Risk appetite and BS31100" for the CRSA Forum event on 28th November 2008, in London.

38. "The Implications of the Sub-prime Credit Crunch" for IIR's Internal Controls, Audit & Risk for Financial Services conference on 30th September 2008, in London.

37. "Seven frontiers of internal control and risk management" on day one of Professor Andrew Chambers' International Internal Auditing School, in London on 12th August 2008, promoted by Quorum.

36. "Risk appetite and all that" for the Control Risk Self Assessment Forum meeting on 3rd July 2008, at Birmingham Airport.

35. "Uncertainty and the event organiser" for the Institute of Association Management's meeting on 26th June 2008, in London.

34. "Progressive risk and performance management with mental models" at Tom Gilb's summer conference in the week commencing 23rd June 2008, London.

33. "Applying Risk & Controls Management to Improve Business Performance" at IIR's Strategic Risk event on governance, in London on 3rd June 2008.

32. "Managing culture change when implementing ERM: Improving performance and innovation" at IIR's ERM Summit day, London, on 10th March 2008.

31. "Direction and strategy: where does internal audit fit in?" at a Lexis Nexis event on governance chaired by Professor Andrew Chambers, in London on 21st November 2007.

30. "Solving compliance problems creatively" at the Institution of Engineering and Technology's event, "The Information Professional IT Compliance Conference 2007", in London on 11th July 2007.

29. "Difficulties and solutions in using 'corporate risk appetite'" at IIR's Enterprise Risk Management conference in London on 4th July 2007.

28. "Smart and stupid decision making under uncertainty" at Tom Gilb's annual seminar in London, the week commencing 2nd July 2007.

27. A poster presentation on "Credible verbal presentations of uncertain weather forecasts?" at the Met Office's event "Meteorology meets Decision Science: Risk, Forecast, and Decision" in Exeter on 7th June 2007.

26. "Difficulties and solutions in using 'corporate risk appetite'" at IIR's Internal Audit and Business Risk conference in London on 26th March 2007.

25. "Getting value from internal control programmes" at IIR's Internal Audit and Business Risk conference in Amsterdam on 22nd November 2006.

24. "New Corporate Governance and Internal Control Requirements: Including strategies for efficient compliance" (a full day's workshop) on 27th September 2006, just after IIR's main conference.

23. "Getting value from internal control programmes" at IIR's internal controls conference on 25th and 26th September 2006.

22. "Succeeding with innovative risk and control projects" at IIR's Risk Management Congress on 11th and 12th July 2006.

21. "Innovative ways of using risk management" at an event on adaptive performance management for charities held at CASS business school on 27th June 2006.

20. "How do we know we're measuring the results that matter?" at Tom Gilb's Value Driven Planning seminar throughout the week commencing 26th June 2006.

19. "What is the role of hard data in ERM?" at IIR's Enterprise Risk Management Summit on 20th March 2006.

18. "Risk management in performance management" for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table's Public Sector Interest Group on 8th March 2006.

17. "Doing probabilities properly" for the Financial Services Group of SURVIVE on 8th December 2005.

16. "Practicalities of embedding ERM" at IIR's Internal Auditing conference on 22nd November 2005 in Amsterdam.

15. "Cutting your Sarbox costs" for a Lexis Nexis conference on New Directions in Business Risk and Controls Reporting, 15th and 16th November 2005.

14. "How to be convincing when you are uncertain" at the Chartered Institute of Marketing's conference on 4th October 2005.

13. "Teaching auditors about reviews" for Tom Gilb's (invitation only) symposium on reviews during the week commencing 20th June 2005.

12. "Cutting your Sarbox costs" for a Lexis Nexis conference on corporate governance on 15th June 2005.

11. "Ways of working together" for the Financial Services Group of SURVIVE on 12th May 2005.

10. "The risk manager's real impact" at IIR's Risk Management and Governance in the Public Sector conference on 26th January 2005.

9. "Intelligent controls" at IIR's Internal Audit conference on 30th November 2004.

8. "Implementing an operational risk framework" at IIR's Compliance and Financial Reporting in the Insurance Industry conference on 23rd November 2004.

7. "Risk management with impact" at the US Army Internal Review training symposium in Arizona in June 2004.

6. "Open and honest about risk and uncertainty" at IIR's Risk Management Summit on 7th July 2004.

5. "Problem areas for current risk management standards" at BSI events on 13th and 20th February 2004.

4. "Risk and performance management" for the Sayer Vincent Charities group on 10th December 2003.

3. "Risk Management and Beyond Budgeting" at the Beyond Budgeting Round Table's meeting on 25th September 2003.

2. "Survive SOX" at a meeting of SURVIVE's Financial Services Group on 18th September 2003.

1. "Risk Management and Beyond Budgeting" at the Beyond Budgeting Round Table's meeting in March 2003.



A presentation I gave on Solving Compliance Problems Creatively was filmed by IET, the hosts, and you can see it on their website. This was a one-off talk, the slides are out of synch with the video, and you can't hear the audience reaction so please take it from me that the jokes worked. Still, it gives you an idea of what I'm like when I go slowly.

Solving Compliance Problems Creatively

Matthew Leitch

Presentation from The Information Professional IT Compliance Conference 2007: Savoy Place, London, UK Speaker: Matthew Leitch, Independent Consultant and Researcher

2007-07-11 12:00:00.0 IT Channel

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