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The new book: "Intelligent Internal Control and Risk Management"

If you've enjoyed this website you may be interested to learn more about the book. It's taken a lot of time and effort to write the text and I've even toiled over the cover images. My personal opinion is that this is not only a very useful book, and easier to read than most in this field, but it's also an important book. It's one of those books you need to read if you're working in the area because the perspective is different from others and may, just possibly, be the future.

If you just want to buy the book then please do so from Gower's website HERE. Otherwise, here's some more information

How many copies should your organization have?

Like most other specialist business books from Gower my book is not the sort of thing you would buy yourself and read to your children. It's hard core, work related material that you can read through and also treat as a reference book. Part 2, which contains a lot of information about 60 powerful control mechanisms most organizations would benefit from using a lot more, is particularly intense.

Reading this book is the quickest way I know of to boost your ability to think of good internal controls when you need to. Think of Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, in the scene where he has combat skills downloaded directly into his brain by a computer, and you get the idea. Spend a couple of hours reading Part 2 of my book and you'll need extra sleep that night.

Anyone who works in audit or internal control or risk management should have access to this book. Everyone in a finance department should have access to a copy. Everyone who designs application software should have access to a copy. If you work in a small team with a shared office space then just get a copy for the team. If you work alone you'll need a personal copy put somewhere you can quickly get at it when you need ideas.

Another way you might want to use the book is to persuade people that internal control and risk management are more than just boring chores. If you're running a risk control project of some kind (but not Sarbanes Oxley) and want to enthuse people then give out copies of my book. Realistically, few will get past Part 1, but that's where the main messages about value and creativity are found.

Why do I exclude Sarbanes Oxley? Simply because it is a boring chore and chapter 1 tells its sorry story. Having said that, if you're running your Sarbanes Oxley project along the lines suggested in my book and so it won't be a boring chore then great — the book will help.

For example, suppose you have a network of people who are involved in risk or internal controls alongside their main job role. You might call them 'risk champions' or something like that. Each of them could have a copy sent to them, almost like a birthday present.

So, don't just buy a copy, work out how many copies is the best number and order a box load. At roughly 60 each they're not cheap books but your organisation spends far more sending people to training courses that offer just a fraction of the wisdom.

Still not convinced? Well, sensible risk management would be to buy a copy, check it out, then buy the box load HERE!



Before the book was published some people much more famous than me kindly took a look at my book and provided supportive reviews:

"This book is about managing internal control systems and associated risk and uncertainty with a grin instead of a grimace. It focuses on value from creativity, rather than compliance by bureaucracy. It concerns psychological and political issues as well as systems and scientific issues. Integrating disciplines is at its heart. The last four chapters provide lots of implementation tips, building on numerous useful ideas explored earlier. It is refreshingly thoughtful in a maverick and informal manner - well worth a read."

Chris Chapman, Emeritus Professor of Management Science, University of Southampton, and Senior Associate, The Nichols Group

"The scope of internal control, risk management and external audits has expanded exponentially over recent years and the costs have gone through the roof. But doing more of the wrong things, even if it means ticking the right regulatory boxes, has not taken organizations in the right direction. This book is a breath of fresh air. Matthew Leitch offers a new agenda for internal control and risk management based on clear and intelligent thinking and analysis. It shows how controls can add value rather than costs. Supported by many interesting examples this book should be compulsory reading for all senior managers and professionals in the risk management business."

Jeremy Hope, cofounder of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table and author of "Reinventing the CFO"

(Jeremy is co-author of a number of other books and I recommend them all.)

"Matthew Leitch provides compelling evidence that a scientific approach to internal controls and risk management can significantly improve performance. This book combines theory with case studies and the author's unrivalled experience in implementing value-adding control systems."

Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman of Z/Yen Group

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